Bmally (pronounced Baa-lee) is the golden lamb for God. While the "m" in his name is silent, Bmally rarely is. He has a lot to say and is looking forward to sharing the word of God with your family. He is golden to represent the light of God's word shining in him. As a lamb he knows the need of having the Shepherd as his Lord and Savior.

Before you began to search the scriptures for the meaning of his name, let us save you some time, it's lamb spelled backwards with a twist at the end. Bmally explores Bible stories and applies biblical practices to the challenges our youngest children are facing in today's society.

The "10 Commandments" is the first book to be published in the series. One of the most unique features you will find in this remarkable series is the particular account to details added to enhance the understanding for even the youngest reader. Each story gives the scripture and enlightens the reader to the exact location of the account in the Bible. All of the illustrations were carefully and excellently created to satisfy the most vivid imagination.

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