The following are letters received from a few of the places we have visited and we thought you would like to know what people are saying...

During the course of developing young children at Long Beach Community Worship Center, God birthed in Vivica a vision to write books for children. The vision is now a reality in her first completed children's book entitled "The Ten Commandments, introducing Bmally". If your desire is to spread excellence among your children's ministry you will be fully satisfied with this project God has assigned to Vivica Keyes. I highly recommend Vivica to your ministry. She comes with utmost respect for Pastor's and their vision, and she will leave a lasting impression upon your children.

Sheridan McDaniel, Senior Pastor
Long Beach Community Worship Center

Vivica Keyes was a guest speaker at Cottonwood Christian Center in March 2004. Over a period of two weekends, Ms. Keyes presented her book The Ten Commandments to over 600 children ages 4-12.

The children who attended our church services responded positively to Ms. Keyes' 45 minute presentation. Vivica was a dynamic presenter and related to the children well. Also, she was professional in her interactions with our children, their parents, and our staff.

Ms. Keyes' would be a great benefit to any children's program as a guest speaker or presenter.


Rev. Joseph Montoya
Cottonwood Christian Center
Children's Ministry Director: Elementary

I am sending you a warm "Thank You"

You had such a good attitude and are very skilled at what you do! Thank you
for being flexible, kind, and patient. We welcome future joint adventures with
you and also your input. Having you bravely join us for our first year has
taught us that we can all be ONE BODY IN ONE PURPOSE WITH ONE VOICE wherever we go and whoever we minister with. This brings glory to Him!

We here from the Harvest Children's Ministry hope that you know you were a
blessing to have!

In Him,

Parrish Percy
Harvest KidsZone Director
Col. 3:23-24

Vivica was just great with our kids. She obviously loves children, and she had ours completely engaged for the entire time. Great material and great applications for the children. She was also just great to work with, so she must love adults, too. We're looking to bring her back very soon!

Dave Brisbin
Associate Pastor
Christian Mission Church, Laguna Niguel, CA

We were so blessed by Ms. Vivica coming to our Children's Church and ministering to the children. At the time we were studying Moses and the 10 Commandments. I met her at a Child Evangelism Fellowship conference where she was teaching and knew she would be great to have at our church. Bmally was an instant hit with the children and the book was enjoyed by all. Thank you Ms. Vivica for your heart for children in Jesus Christ.

Sandy Bond
Children's Ministry Director
Light and Lift Christian Fellowship

On behalf of Children's Church of New Commandment Baptist Church, a deep and heartfelt thanks to you, Ms. Vivica, for the lively fun-filled presentation of your new book entitled "The 10 Commandments". It is obvious that you love children and your heartbeat is with them. They paid very close attention and learned a lot! We will continue reinforcing what you started - we will encourage the children to bring their books to church so they can know without hesitation the "10 Commandments". Thanks for writing such a colorful and easy to read book for the children to enjoy.

God's best to you and yours in all your endeavors as you use your God-given talents to edify the Kingdom of God.

Eleanor Williams
New Commandment Baptist Church
Coordinator, Children's Church

Author, Ms. Vivica, puts the Ten Commandments in a context where children can easily understand their timeless truths. They literally come to life through the compelling and kids-focused illustrations, and Bmally, the storytelling lamb. All eyes were simply riveted on Ms. Vivica when she made her presentation at our school.

Mrs. Burney,
Tower of Faith Christian Academy

Our students thoroughly enjoyed the chapel presentation of your book "The Ten Commandments". It was a clear articulation of the rules to live by. Your message is much needed today! God bless you as you spread His Word!

Valerie Birge, Principal
Victory Christian School
Anaheim, CA


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